Toronto Visionaries chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind

The Get Together with Technology (GTT) program in Toronto

CCB National has partnered with Kim Kilpatrick and a program called Get Together with Technology (GTT), to encourage those who use adaptive technology, and those who would like to know more, to get together and share their knowledge.

As a result, GTT groups have sprung up in CCB chapters across the country, meeting regularly to talk and learn about the technological tools that can enable independence and help build confidence.

In 2015, the CCB Toronto Visionaries launched our own GTT group, GTT Toronto, which meets once a month from September through June.

From apps on the latest smart phones, to tips on how to get the most out of your desktop computer, to navigating social media, GTT groups are self-directed, discussing topics brought to the group by group members. And don't worry if you are not "tech savvy". The idea of a GTT group is that those with some knowledge will share that knowledge with the rest of the group.

For more information, visit the National GTT website, or check out our Events & activities page.

If you want to receive email notifications of GTT meetings and of other information on assistive devices, please email GTT Toronto and ask to join our email list.

Get connected! Get together with Technology! And make the most of the powerful tools that can open up your world.

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