Toronto Visionaries chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind

Making Change fund-raising campaign and Day of Change event

Since its inception in 1948, the CCB has represented "the Voice of the Blind in Canada" by advocating for change: for changes in attitudes towards disabled people, for changes in the perception of what people living with vision loss are capable of, for changes in legislation to protect the rights of disabled persons against discrimination, for changes in access to treatment options and to new medications to promote eye health, for equitable access to education, employment, and so much more.

At a local level, CCB chapters have advocated for greater access to the goods and services that should be available to all Canadians. The CCB Toronto Visionaries chapter has pursued a program of "soft advocacy", engaging with local Toronto businesses and institutions to promote the inclusion of people with vision loss in the cultural, social, commercial, and recreational life of the City.

The Making Change campaign is meant to assist these efforts by raising funds to encourage these changes and to support the advocacy work of the CCB Toronto Visionaries.

A jam jar with Canadian coins inside, lid is to the right of the jar
Photo courtesy: Donna MacLeod

How can you help us Make Change?

Many people get home at the end of a day and empty their pockets or purses, sorting this from that, and often, tossing their loose coins into a jar. The goal of the Making Change campaign is to encourage people to collect their loose change over a period of months and to donate that collection to the CCB for a charitable tax-creditable receipt.

Start collecting change now!

You can collect loose coins in your own jar, or the CCB Toronto Visionaries can provide you with an official Making Change collection jar. Please contact us get your jar today!

If you don't feel you can participate in our Making Change campaign, please consider making a charitable donation by going to the Support our Vision page here on our website.

All donations of $20 or more will be eligible for a tax-creditable receipt upon request. Our CRA Registered Charity number is 119218899RR0001.

Small change can make a big difference!

Start collecting your loose coins today! Come join us for our Day of Change Event, and help the CCB Toronto Visionaries make a difference in the lives of those living with vision loss.

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